To Wear or Not to Wear a Face Covering

“Now listen! Today I am giving you a choice between life and death, between prosperity and disaster.” (Deuteronomy 30:15 NLT)

The greatest power we have from our Creator is the power to choose.

Choice is freedom.

And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…

Joshua 24:15 NKJV

The moment anyone or any entity oversteps our boundaries of freedom of choice, they are infringing on God’s boundaries of respect he granted every human being.

And the more we allow that person or entity to overstep those boundaries, the more they will continue to take away… IF WE ALLOW IT.

What we allow increases.

When it comes to the issue of making face coverings mandatory, we all have our opinions. And not just one!

I want to express my opinion specifically in light of our freedom of choice, our power to choose.

It’s easy for the line of respect to get blurry in the midst of chaos, multiple opinions, and political unrest. In America, I’m concerned we may be losing our freedoms more than we think and at a faster rate than we could ever imagine.

You’ve experienced it. You’ve read the pro’s and con’s. You’ve read about who are the potentially responsible parties for the mess we are in as a global community. To them, there’s a lot at stake as they stand to make billions of dollars through government-mandated directives.

With face coverings being mandatory across businesses and public buildings, people are experiencing the power of social conditioning. In the name of safety, our freedom of choice is being suffocated, literally… no pun intended.

Whether grocery shopping, putting gas on your car, or speaking among friends, you hear a new lingo people are being conditioned to adopt:

  • “It’s the new normal”
  • “Social distancing”
  • “Six feet apart”
  • “It’s for everyone’s safety”

Are we willing to give up our freedom to choose?

If you think about it, in American society we have been practicing common sense all along. When we don’t feel well or have a fever, we call in sick or work from home so as not to contaminate others. We quarantine ourselves for the protection of others. Quarantine is for the sick, not the healthy.

Face coverings, testing, and vaccines must remain a choice.

I guess their “pro-choice” stand wouldn’t apply here, would it?

The founding fathers of this uncommon nation fought for the freedoms we enjoy. That is the reason why they left Great Britain’s control and fought with their lives to become independent from its grip. They did not believe in the monarchy. They wanted freedom of religion where everyone would have the right to worship whomever they pleased. In a monarchy, people must comply with one person’s demand. Whatever the monarch says, that’s what goes. They came to this nation to find freedom. And gave their lives for it.

For decades there has been an undercurrent and strategic plan to bring America down. Watch documentaries. Read history books. Do your own research. You’ll discover that everything we see is planned and someone is funding it.

There is hatred against this nation because of its Judeo-Christian values. When George Washington became President, he dedicated this nation to God. Hence, we are a nation under covenant with almighty God by virtue of George Washington’s dedication.

The obstacle standing in the way of lawlessness is capitalism, the freedom to control your own prosperity, which is rooted in Judeo-Christian values that have made this nation prosperous and protected under God. Communism, socialism, and Marxism control what you can and cannot do. That is NOT God’s will for mankind. God himself gives people the choice to serve him or not.

If God Himself does not infringe upon the freedom of choice he granted us, why should mortals?

This whole pandemic mess we are all experiencing as a global community is all about control.

God’s Word says that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.

Hence, where the spirit of lawlessness is there is bondage!

The freedom of choice is godly.

The spirit of control is evil.

Freedom is God’s system.

Control is Pharaoh’s system.

I’m sure you read in the Bible how Pharaoh treated the Israelites when they were their slaves.

With God taken out of the public square, a spirit of chaos, lawlessness, and fear was let loose.

What must we do?

  • Pray for our nation
  • Vote on biblical values
  • Educate others

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

Psalm 33:12

Which means that cursed is the nation whose god is man!

When the leaders are good, the people are glad. When the leaders are evil, the people suffer.

May the Lord have mercy on us and this wonderful nation called America!

And may we be wise to not succumb to the spirit of control.

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