You are invited to contribute your Messianic story to be published in Messianic Stories from Jewish and Gentile Believers, a book showcasing the unity in diversity of Jews and Gentiles coming together in the Body of Christ.

NOTE: we plan to publish the book in Spanish as well

A Special Invitation to You!


We’re working on a special project and need your help. We are compiling Messianic stories from Jewish and Gentile believers into a book. The objective is for the book to be personable and relatable to people who may be wondering about Jewish roots, want to learn more, or are skeptical about the Messianic perspective.

The book will include Messianic stories of believers from multiple ethnicities, backgrounds, ages, and stages in life, displaying how the Holy Spirit is bringing Jew and Gentiles together in the Body of Christ. We trust the Holy Spirit will use this book as an evangelistic tool as well and produce results far greater than we could ever imagine.

We shared the idea of this project with Pastor Greg Stone (pastor of Gateway Church Jewish Ministry in Southlake, Texas) and he is very excited to write the Foreword.

View a rough draft of the book concept here.

How did this idea come about?

On Resurrection Sunday this year, I (Dina) was listening to a teaching on prayer. I learned that we have a habit of asking for God for things, but often miss asking God what He wants from us. I asked the Lord what He wants from me. The next day my mind was flooded with stories many people shared at our dining table. They all had one thing in common: a stirring to dig deeper and reconnect to the Hebraic roots of our faith. One story has the power to transform a person, a family, an entire generation.


Would you like to share your Messianic story? What stirred you to look into the Jewish roots of our faith? What shifts have you made personally to embrace a Messianic perspective or even adopt some aspects of a biblical Jewish lifestyle? If you are a Jewish believer, how did you come to faith in Yeshua?

If you would like to share your story to be considered for publishing, kindly send an email to with the subject line:  I’m in! 


  1. Begin praying what the Lord would have you share. 
  2. The limit is 1-3 pages, Word doc, 1.5 line space, 12 pt font size, 1″ margins, and is due by June 30, 2020.
  3. For husband/wife teams, you can weave your stories together
  4. Tell your story as you’d tell it to a friend with enough details that makes it interesting and impactful
  5. Be authentic, be real, and have fun!

Don’t worry about editing as the book will be professionally edited, or giving it a title as it can be gleaned from your story. We will have a committee that will help us pray and make the selections. We’d like to publish the book this year.

We believe God has a purpose and are excited to see how God will use Messianic Stories to bless people. His timing is perfect, His plans superior – much more than we can ask or think. All we need to do is obey when he stirs us to do the weird, crazy, or unusual.

If you’d like to contribute your story, please provide your response to by May 30, 2020.

Your story is due by June 30, 2020.


Dina y Nestor Lima