This is your personal invitation to submit your Messianic story to be considered for publishing in our next volume.

The book will be published in English and Spanish.

Messianic Stories is:

  • An educational tool to learn about Gentile-Jewish unity through personal stories
  • An evangelistic tool for Jews and Gentiles
  • A fundraiser to bless Messianic ministries in Israel

Next Steps

  1. Begin praying what the Lord would have you share. 
  2. The limit is 1-3 pages, Word doc, 1.5 line space, 12 pt font size, 1″ margins.
  3. For husband/wife teams, you can weave your stories together.
  4. Tell your story as you’d tell it to a friend with enough details that makes it interesting and impactful.
  5. Be authentic, be real, and have fun!

The book will be professionally edited. You can provide a title to your story or it will be gleaned from your story.

Email your story to


Dina Lima
General Editor

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