How to Make a House a Home

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I love houses!

I have walked through hundreds of houses and have developed an appreciation for good and functional design. Beauty does NOT mean functional. Some homes I’ve shown my clients, you wonder what the designer was thinking!

You want to feel comfortable living in your home and not feel like you’re walking on eggshells or bumping into walls due to bad design.

Another talent I’ve developed in the real estate industry is seeing through the photos. I can tell when photos show an accurate view of the rooms and when they don’t. Photography sells… to get buyers to tour the properties. But once they get there, the size of the rooms are much smaller than the illusion given by the photos.

The most important aspect of a house is how do you turn it into your little piece of heaven?


  • You can hire the help of a decorator or interior designer to help you beautify the space that reflects your personality
  • You can paint the walls to customize the house to your taste
  • You can paint the kitchen cabinets and instantly change the ambiance
  • You can replace the flooring to match your style or accommodate your needs

You can do all those physical updates to make the house your home.

But I believe there is yet another important, intangible, way for making a house a home… and that is the attitudes of the members who will live in it.

Attitudes stem from the deep well within one’s soul.

If your soul is happy and at ease, you will live happy whether you downsize, up-size, or right-size.

If your soul is sad and insecure, nothing you do to the house will satisfy the deep emotional emptiness.

So how do you make a house a home?

By being at peace with self.

Being at peace with self is being at peace with God, which is being in Shalom – a Hebrew word that means peace, but not the kind of peace that focuses on the absence of chaos, rather the kind that focuses on the presence of God; completeness.

God’s peace surpasses all human understanding:

The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:7

In Shalom, you feel complete and confident of who and whose you are.

When you’re in Shalom, you don’t act or make fear-based decisions, but rather you move in confidence and trust knowing that God has your back.

And if God has your back, why respond with worry or fear?

When your are NOT in Shalom:

  • You are insecure
  • You make decisions based on fear

When you are in Shalom:

  • You feel secure
  • You make decisions based on confidence and trust

Nothing compares to living in a home that is filled with peace, love, joy, and God’s divine, invisible yet tangible presence.

In essence, every home has its own ambiance created by those who live in it.

And all who enter will notice.

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