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Homeschool Curriculums I Loved

There are thousands of wonderful resources for homeschooling. The following are some we truly enjoyed and found most helpful in preparation for college and life.

English & Writing

The best curriculum for learning to write well is EIW, English for Excellence in Writing. Your kids will become little writing geniuses!


Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance is a must for high school students. It will really help them become great money managers.

History & Government

Apologia offers fantastic options for history and government.

Also, check out David Barton’s amazing curriculum Building on the American Heritage Series.


Latin for Children Primers A and B by Classical Academic Press are fantastic for providing a solid foundation. They also offer Latin Live for upper grades. Excellent preparation for SAT exams in the future.

For high school, we used Henle Latin.


Two excellent resources to teach children the art of logic and reasoning well:


Saxon math was our favorite because it includes review problems on past lessons. For our younger daughter, the colorful pages of other math programs were distracting. The plain and simple pages of Saxon math books helped her stay focused.

Music & Art

Find opportunities to take art and music classes in your local community.

We loved TAFA, Travis Academy of Fine Arts, in Fort Worth, Texas where our younger daughter took public speaking and violin classes. They offer a variety of classes in the sciences, math, Spanish, etc.


Apologia has amazing curriculums for middle and high schoolers. Biblically-founded and written in a conversational style, we loved their biology, chemistry, and advanced biology curriculums.


Classical Academic Press has a great Spanish curriculum.


A must for high school students:

Excellent for middle school students:


Use Quizlet to find quizzes, flashcards, and other fun learning tools on any subject.

Dual Credits

Bryan College offers great options and even short summer sessions.

Liberty University has great classes and also has an option to graduate with an associate’s degree in various fields while in high school.

Online Homeschooling

Liberty University would be my top choice. We did a customized program and my daughters took some of their online classes.


Google homeschool communities in your area. Check them out and plug in to those you resonate with. We liked these two:

Classical Conversations has a great classical model of learning from elementary to high school while providing a place for community and fellowship with other homeschool families. Their Foundations curriculum is fantastic. Our girls still remember the Timeline song!

TAFA in Fort Worth, Texas offers a plethora of classes and community.


Our girls played recreational soccer in our local community through high school. They now ref in the fields they once played. My husband ref’d for 14 years. There are various sports communities organized by homeschoolers. Check with other families or Google search in your area to see what’s available.

Check out my 10-year homeschooling journey and the lessons I learned.

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