Words Are Seeds

We have the power to share words of life.  God’s Word says that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs 18:21)

Today is the perfect time for women who love Yeshua (Jesus) to rise up and saturate our world with words of life in a purposeful and intentional way to bless one another, our families, and communities.

Words are seeds. They give life or death, faith or fear, hope or worry. The first person we must learn to respect, honor, dignify, inspire, and speak positive words to is ourselves.

You are beautiful. You are special. Your words matter. You create everything in your world with your words. Choose them wisely.

I dedicate this poem to you.

Words of Life

by Dina Lima

We think and say them daily
And know when they are kind;
A strong and forceful river
Making inroads in our minds.

They are powerful and mighty
Controlling how we feel.
Whether sad or bold or happy
To their whims, we often kneel.

Be mindful of their power
As they give death or life.
They can’t be drawn or taken back
Once gone and taken flight.

With such a mighty force
They will sting or lift or aid;
Injecting hope and faith and love
Or worry, fear, and rage.

Use them wisely to empower
To inspire and make glad.
Start with you appreciating
Every part of who you are.

It’s a secret that not many
Practice daily or impart.
Words build up or dismantle
Bringing darkness or delight.

Give a kind and gentle answer
In response to ugly strife.
Dare to break the angry curses
Dare to share some words of life.

There’s a fountain filled with wisdom,
The only source of true delight.
Our guidance for afflictions
And encouragement for life.

Truly God’s Words are the honey
That sweeten life and satisfy,
That empower and direct us
And give all eternal life.

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