(Originally published on 2020/08/20 at 5:49 pm)

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Havdalah Women is a global gathering of women who love God, Israel, and His Word. We are multiethnic and multigenerational with a heart for developing women in understanding the Hebraic roots of our faith so that they teach others to do the same.

It is for kingdom-minded women who:

  • Want to discover the Hebraic roots of Christianity
  • Desire a deeper understanding of God’s Word in its original, cultural context
  • Want to build community with other kingdom-minded women
  • Long to feel valued, supported, and connected

All our gatherings are planned and designed with fun, learning, and community in mind.

Havdalah Women is a safe place where God-loving women can:

  • Discover the Hebraic roots of Jesus, the Gospel, and the Bible
  • Learn how to study God’s Word in its original, cultural context
  • Build community with other kingdom-minded women
  • Disciple, mentor, and encourage one another
  • Pray for each other’s needs
  • Enjoy special ministry times of words in season
  • Strengthen their inner woman with the transforming power of God’s Word
  • Hear teachings on life-giving topics that inspire growth
  • Be empowered to live out their full, God-given potential
  • Find opportunities for personal, spiritual, and leadership development


To see women live out their unique calling.


Our purpose is Women Teaching Women:

  • To provide a safe place where women can deepen their relationship with Yeshua (Jesus) through His Word using a relational model of discipleship.
  • To develop women in understanding the Hebraic roots of our faith so that they can teach others to do the same.


Our values are GLOW:

  • Growth
  • Love & Unity
  • Opportunities
  • Whole lot of fun!


Monthly gatherings and special events both on-site and online where we have fun, learn, and build community.

What is Havdalah?

Havdalah is a Hebrew word that means separation or distinction. It is a declaration that is made at the end of Shabbat or a Jewish holiday to distinctively separate the day from the ordinary days that follow.

God makes a distinction between the holy and the profane, the light and darkness, those who love him, and those who don’t.

Women who follow Jesus are women of distinction:

for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.

1 Peter 2:9

As women, God made us distinct and set apart with a multitude of gifts, talents, wisdom, and divine intuition to be a blessing, light, salt, and advancers of His Kingdom on earth by supporting each other and impacting our families and communities.

We are Havdalah Women.

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