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Enjoy Health

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Hello! I’m a Health Coach helping women gain control of their weight, enjoy better health, and have more energy.

For years I struggled to get my weight under control. I know the feeling of frustration trying different plans without success. I’m excited about an exciting program that is producing amazing results:

  • I went down 18.6 pounds in two months*
  • Have more energy and focus
  • My clothes fit better
  • My skin is brighter
  • I look and feel younger
  • I stopped taking allergy pills
  • I work on the lawn without a sneeze
  • I have no side effects like headaches or digestive problems
  • I’m shedding pounds steadily
  • I’ve adopted easy healthy habits
  • It’s very affordable
  • I have a fantastic supportive community
  • I feel much healthier than I’ve ever been in my life!

What is different about this new plan?


But I mean coaching from someone who:

  • Had struggled just like me
  • Was not a slim Barbie who couldn’t relate to being overweight
  • Had gone ahead of me through the process and shed 50+ pounds in about six months!

My husband joined me from the get-go which keeps us connected, excited, and eating the same delightful meals we’ve come to love.

Through my Health Coach, I experienced the huge benefits of:


Because I had such powerful results, I decided to become a Health Coach to give others the gift of transformation I had received.

It’s your turn!

If I can do it, you can too! Start by taking my quick HEALTH ASSESSMENT.

L’Chaim! To Life!


I’m so grateful that my husband joined me on this journey!

  • In just 53 days he lost 21 pounds!*
  • He mows the lawn without a mask, no red itchy eyes, sneezing, or stuffy nose
  • Stopped taking allergy pills
  • And he’s looking more handsome each day!

*Weight loss varies per person.

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