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I recently read a quote from the late Dr. Myles Munroe (a Bohemian preacher, teacher, and amazing leader in the Body of Christ) that I found profound:

Seeds deploy themselves and become trees. Fish deploy themselves and they swim. Birds deploy themselves and they fly. We are the only creatures God created who don’t deploy ourselves.

Isn’t that sad? Why does this happen?

I believe it is because of lack of identity. We don’t know who we are.

When we don’t know who we are:

  • We lack confidence
  • We are filled with fear
  • We become confused
  • We get paralyzed
  • We miss out on opportunities
  • We undervalue God’s blessings
  • We cut off our wings before we even give ourselves the chance to try

Yet we are carriers of God’s Glory!

As God’s children, we are so fortunate to have the Spirit of God guiding us in every endeavor. 

I believe the cure is in reading God’s Word for ourselves to get our own Rhema, God’s specific instructions for our lives.

Each of us are unique with a unique purpose. Therefore, the instructions God gives us will be unique to us. And we can only get those instructions spending time in God’s Word and seeking his guidance in prayer.

Start seeking the Lord in a fresh, new way. You can’t fix yesterday. Tomorrow does not belong to us. But today, you can make changes.

Start making a few changes one itty bitty step at a time:

  • Read the Bible daily
  • Ask God to reveal your purpose
  • Have a journal ready to jot down what God reveals to you
  • Fellowship with strong believers seeking to grow
  • Deploy! That is, be obedient to the Holy Spirit’s instructions when He leads you to do something – examples: call and encourage someone, write an inspirational note to an old friend/leader/teacher/pastor/mentor, text an encouraging verse to whoever He shows you.

When we obey God’s small instructions, He will entrust us with more.

L’Chaim! To life!

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