Family Graduation Tribute

Dear Graduate: 3 Facts to Remember

Dedicated to my darling daughter, Gianna Lizbeth Lima

Alumni and Graduate Student at The King’s University, Southlake, Texas.

2020. The year humanity will never forget.

Years from now the entire world will know the truth. But there is one truth I want to file in the archives and airwaves of the universe: You are a fighter!

I know you’re a fighter from your soccer days! (Jersey #11)

After the spring break, you were ready and excited to enjoy the remaining weeks of your senior year … on campus! Due to the global pandemic, classes went online and graduation was moved from May to August.

You still don’t have your cap and gown. You still don’t have graduation pictures.


You graduated. You fought. You conquered!


You made the President’s List completing your last semester with a 4.0 that you worked so hard for!

In retrospect, how in the world did you do it? How did you overcome so many obstacles? Clearly, God’s grace is upon you. Before you were even formed in my womb, our Creator gifted you with:

  • the peacefulness of a dove to face challenges with grace,
  • the humility of a lamb to be understanding, and
  • the fortitude of a lion to complete what you start.

As your mother, I am a witness of God’s hand upon your life, as noted in Psalms 103:

Who forgives all your iniquities,
Who heals all your diseases,
Who redeems your life from destruction,
Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies,
Who satisfies your mouth with good things,
So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

Oh! Have I seen you soar like an eagle!

From teaching your views on parenting from a young age…

To teaching adult Jewish classes at Gateway NRH Havdalah…

Truly, God is with you. It is so important to remember God’s favor and intervention in our lives so that our faith is strengthened when we feel down. Hard times come. No one is exempt. But God’s hand is mightier than anything the enemy throws at us.

As you experience your first college graduation earning your Bachelor of Theology degree in Messianic Jewish Studies, a subject so dear to you, I want you to remember 3 facts about you.

When you feel down, come back to this post. It will always be here to remind you of Who you are and to Whom you belong.

1. You Are Blessed

When you turned thirteen, God placed in your father’s heart and mine to do something special so that you would enter your teenage years blessed. Little did we know, that this uncommon act of celebrating a “Blessing Ceremony” (our own version of a bat mitzvah) would serve as an invisible hedge of protection upon your life. The special blessing you received from your father protected you from the enemy’s attacks against your body, mind, and emotions. Regardless of what the enemy throws at you, remember, You Are Blessed. Protected. Guarded. Held in the center of God’s hands.

2. You Are An Overcomer

College work is hard. The workload is stressful. Despite so many difficulties, you overcame. You fought through fear of the unknown, sickness, and many other barriers—hyperextended your knee, broke your foot, and still went to classes and completed assignments. You had your wisdom teeth removed, in addition to four others to complete your braces treatment. You overcame a respiratory infection that lasted for weeks, which caused you many sleepless nights, headaches, and back pain. With God by your side, you overcame so much!

3. You Are Chosen

Ever since you were little, you have had uncommon experiences with God. You saw angels and described them in detail. You’ve had an inquisitive, theologian’s mind from a very young age. During your childhood, you said things that we know were not from you. You don’t remember a lot of these experiences but your dad and I do. Thankfully, your dad recorded many of these moments (with a huge video recorder the size of a home printer!) In some of my most stressful moments, you gave me words of encouragement. When you had the revelation of your God-given purpose at only six years old, you said it felt like you had known it for twenty years.

3.1. You Are Equipped

PS: Mothers have more to say than just THREE points! So here’s another point I’m squeezing into this post.

You have started to walk in the path God ordained for you before you were born. Your love for Israel, Africa, and studying Messianic theology is there for a reason. In your first missionary trip ever, you fell in love with the people of Africa (2018). Your love for Israel is supernatural. You’ve been there several times and, Lord willing, you will visit many more times in the future.

At a young age, you have already begun to exercise your gift of teaching. You’ve taught Shabbat and Havdalah leaders training classes, are writing the curriculum for the training for our church, Gateway Church, do Havdalah liturgy, are the Hebrew tutor at your college, and teach your class “Unity in Diversity” (about Jewish and Gentile relations in the body of Christ) like nobody’s business. Your desire to be a bridge to improve relationships between Jewish and Gentile believers is certainly from God. You know your stuff. No doubt about it. What’s more amazing is you are humble, graceful, and peaceful.

God is with you. Nothing can stop you. Just hear God, believe, and obey. Step into your destiny.

God has already prepared everything you will ever need. And your family and many friends are here to cheer you on.

I love you!


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