Hi! I’m Dina

I’m a Bible teacher, mother, author, speaker, and entrepreneur living in Dallas, Texas with a passion for life, family, and home. My favorite title is Mom and my favorite spot in the world is Home.

I’m married to a fun and loving husband, Nestor, have two daughters in college whom I homeschooled for 10 years, and love studying God’s Word in its original, cultural context.

My Journey

I’ve done a few things that shaped the person I am today—from programming to home building, from homeschooling to operating my real estate business, from speaking to writing. Originally from El Salvador, Central America, I came to the U.S. at a very young age, lived in New York until I graduated from college, got married, and made Texas our home.

I had the privilege of studying abroad during my last year of undergrad studies at the University of Manchester in England, U.K., earned a Masters degree in computer science from the New York Institute of Technology, and years later (together with my husband) earned a Doctor of Ministry in theological studies from Vision International University of California.

My Everyday

I live in a cozy home whose walls hold many memories of Shabbat dinners with family and friends. One of my favorite places is the massive island in the center of our kitchen that serves many purposes—prep area, serving station, dining table, gift-wrapping area, a place for moments of deep conversation, tears, laughter, planning, or plain fun amidst cups of tea and whatever snacks we can find in our pantry. My happy place is my comfy chair in the corner of our back multipurpose room where I enjoy the daylight seeping through the windows, moments of prayer, reading, reflection, journaling, and writing.

Though I love people, I am an introvert. I recharge in still, quiet moments alone. I would not mind living on a mystical island immersed in nature, calmness, relaxing music, and good books to read, reflect, and pen my thoughts. I love the classic, clean, simple, and orderly. I’m a modern farmhouse fan and love classical music, Shabbat gatherings, family church life, and decaf tea at the end of a productive day to relax and unwind.

My Family

We’re a perfectly imperfect family who loves God, life, and people. My husband, Nestor, is an amazing speaker, superb life coach, and hot tea aficionado. He had a radical encounter with God at age 19 and since then was never the same. Gianna, our oldest, has a peaceful personality, loves theology, the land and people of Israel, soccer, and Hebrew tutoring. She is pursuing a master’s in Messianic Jewish Studies and wants to travel the globe to be a bridge for improving Jewish-Christian relations. Nathalia, our youngest, is naturally extroverted, full of life, always happy, and loves reading, sloths, llamas, and oldies music. She is pursuing a degree in counseling and desires to become a licensed counselor.

My Passion

I’m passionate about helping women study God’s Word and understand it in its cultural Middle Eastern context. Reading God’s Word with the right perspective transformed my life, boost my confidence, and gave me the happiness I longed for.

Nothing compares to living a life of freedom. Our continued responses and reactions stem from a place of fear or freedom. God’s Word frees us to live without fear and worry, and be confident and happy. The worst prison is one of self-limitation, which manifests in various forms—self-doubt, self-hate, low self-esteem, timidity, depression, fear, and lack of vision, purpose, dreams and enthusiasm for life.

All of these symptoms boil down to an Identity issue—we don’t know who we really are or to whom we belong. And the reason we don’t know who we really are is we don’t truly know our heavenly Father. We know our Father by reading and understanding His Word.

…the one who hears the word and understands. He indeed bears fruit

Matthew 13:23 TLV

Many of us have read God’s Word but not fully understood it for what it is in its cultural context. Hence, we miss out a lot on its revelation. I know. I was there… for many years. Frustration led to depression, anxiety, suicide attacks, and unhappiness.

Confusion paralyzes. Clarity propels. Not reading God’s Word is death. Reading and understanding it is life. Gaining a deeper understanding of who we are and whose we are, truly sets us free.

My Story

Though I was raised in a Christian home, am a pastor’s daughter and a preacher’s wife, I wasn’t always happy. My personal encounter with God through His Word helped me find the confidence and happiness I longed for. You may read more about my life and faith by visiting the places I’ve linked for you below.

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