I’m the lucky mother of two amazing young women and the happy wife of a loving husband. They help me be a better person.

I’ve re-invented myself and done a few things that shaped the person I am today—from programming to home building; from speaking and interpreting to writing and editing; from homeschooling my daughters to operating my real estate business. Originally from El Salvador, Central America, I came to the U.S. at a very young age, lived in New York until I graduated from college, got married, and made Texas home.

One of the most amazing experiences I enjoyed before getting married was studying abroad at the University of Manchester in England, U.K., during my last year of undergraduate studies. It increased my appreciation for life, people, and my own family and Hispanic culture.

My Everyday

I live in a cozy home that has a massive island in the center of our kitchen serving many purposes—prep area, serving station, dining table, gift-wrapping area… you name it. My happy place is my comfy sitting area where I enjoy praying, reading, and writing. Though I love people, I am an introvert. I recharge in still, quiet moments alone. A modern farmhouse fan, I love the classic, clean, and simple. Piano music, Shabbat gatherings, church life, and decaf tea at the end of the day are parts of my life’s rhythm.

My Passion

I’m passionate about discipleship, teaching Christians how to study the Bible by considering its cultural context because it brings God’s Word to life and enriches understanding. My husband and I love to teach and therefore discipleship is our focus at the church we are privileged to lead – Shalom Church.

My Family

My husband, Nestor, is an amazing Bible teacher, pastor, life coach, and makes the best hot tea in the universe. Gianna, our oldest, has a peaceful personality, loves theology, Hebrew tutoring, and soccer, and is working on her master’s of theology in Messianic Jewish Studies. Nathalia is naturally extroverted, full of life, always happy, and loves reading mystery books, sloths, llamas, and oldies music, and would like to become a licensed counselor.

Let’s Stay in Touch