Faith Prayer

Abba! Father

Jesus changed the world with one word: Father (Abba in Hebrew). And it is the reason why He was accused of blasphemy, which led to his death.

Humanly speaking, his claim of being the Son of God was the cause of his crucifixion. However, He chose to lay down his life so that you and I, and the entire world, past, present and future, can live. No one could take his life. He chose to give it to lead us back to the Father.

God’s ways are mysterious. We can never understand the depths of His wisdom and knowledge. If we could, then He wouldn’t be God, would He?

Jesus was fully God, and fully human. A mystery we cannot comprehend with our limited mind.

Jesus suffered and felt pain and distress like any other human. At one point before his death, “He prayed more fervently, and he was in such agony of spirit that his sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood.” (Luke 22:44). This condition is known as “Hematohidrosis”. It is a very rare condition of sweating blood. Experts explain that the sweat glands are surrounded by tiny blood vessels, which can “constrict and then dilate to the point of rupture where the blood will then effuse into the sweat glands. Its cause—extreme anguish.”

Knowing this…

What strengthened Jesus during his most distressful times on earth?
Abba! Father.

When he was about to face the most unbelievable physical, emotional and spiritual anguish ever known to mankind?
Abba! Father.

When he would soon experience the wrath, hatred, and unthinkable torture ever devised in the human heart?
Abba! Father.

When he was soon to feel the sting of betrayal, followed by the denial of his very own disciples to whom he had given three years of his life training, guiding and discipling them; who saw him do miracles and amazing wonders; who were transformed by his mind-boggling wisdom; who were comforted by his peaceful, reassuring, fatherly presence?
Abba! Father.

And today…

What can comfort you when you feel lonely, confused, or depressed?
Abba! Father.

When you’ve lost your way, joy, purpose, or spark for life?
Abba! Father.

When you go through unexpected crises that came out of nowhere, and feels like its sinking you in a pit of despair?
Abba! Father.

When you don’t have enough to meet your responsibilities or commitments?
Abba! Father.

When you don’t know what to do, which road in life to take, or which direction to go?
Abba! Father.

When you can’t even find the words to pray?
Abba! Father.

May we remember each night as we lay our heads to rest, whether on a comfy pillow or on the floor, drenched in tears or enveloped in peace, we are not alone. He is right there beside us. And His Spirit is within us.

May we, amidst the current worldwide crisis, panic, and restless noise, find peace and comfort in our Abba! Father.

We are His children. And in our hour of need, all we need to do is cry out: Abba! Father!

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