Family Parenting

A Strong Foundation

Children anchored in God’s Word will be sustained for life.

The poem below beautifully underscores the importance of anchoring our children in the Word of God.

Hidden In My Heart

I long, O God, to have your word
Hidden within my heart,
So it will be a lamp to my feet
And a light unto my path

Then I may know where I should walk,
Where your spirit is leading me,
To know more clearly the right direction,
Though the future, I cannot see

I pray that I’ll forever hunger
For your word, O Lord,
To draw deep from your living water
And be satisfied once more

For I long to be continually washed
With the water of your word,
To have it deep within my soul
So it may quench my thirst

Teach me the truths in your word,
Reveal to me what it means,
Open my eyes to all the mysteries
And the truths still yet unseen

I want to walk uprightly, Lord,
To never go astray,
Your word, O Lord, is the guide I need
To keep me in your ways

I thank you, Lord, for your word,
The bread that feeds my soul
And I continually feed on it
From now until I grow old

So teach me, Lord, while I am young
So it will not depart,
But will keep your word alive within,
Hidden in my heart.

© By M.S.Lowndes

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