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Thinking of Building Your Green/Healthy Home?

Here’s why you should consider having an experienced REALTOR® on your side… without costing you a penny.

As an experienced energy efficient custom home builder, Dina Lima is a huge asset to help bring your dream home to reality. She knows the guidelines for building green and healthy homes, such as Environments for Living and our very own local Green Built Texas program in which she was heavily involved as a Founding Builder Member when it launched in Dallas in the early 2000’s.

Serving as a second set of eyes, Dina Lima can help you:

  • Connect you with local, reputable home builders
  • Make certain the plan you select meets your specific needs
  • Review energy and water efficiency features
  • Help you with the selection of additional energy efficiency options that may make sense for your new home
  • Assist you with aesthetic/functional details that can sometimes be overlooked (i.e., additional lighting, three-way switches, arched entryways)

How Much Does it Cost?

Nothing! Having a second set of eyes does not cost you a penny and can help make your new build process simple, easy and cost-effective.

Benefits of Building Your Home


  • Many home builders provide a 10 year structural home warranty, 1 year functional warranty and 2 year mechanical (plumbing/electrical/HVAC) warranty
  • With an existing home, you buy as-is

Energy Efficiency

  • Home building codes are now more stringent
  • Many builders are building the homes above and beyond the local city’s energy code requirements, especially custom home builders
  • Existing homes are not as energy efficient

Customization and Personalization

  • With a new build, you can customize different aspects of your home to suit your needs and lifestyle
  • With an existing home, you need to accommodate your lifestyle to the home

Whole House Systems Approach

  • Home builders who understand building science treat the home as an integrated system where all components work together to create an energy efficient home
  • Advanced building techniques are used to ensure structural durability, energy and water efficiency, and indoor air quality

Water Intrusion Prevention

  • Great builders ensure proper installation of materials to prevent water intrusion
  • Watch the video below that shows the proper installation of windows with “flashing” to eliminate leaky windows

Independent Third Party Inspection

  • There are builders who go the extra mile to have the home inspected by an independent third party to verify the energy efficiency of the home

HERS Index

  • The HERS Index (Home Energy Rating System) is the nationally recognized system that measures a home’s energy efficiency
  • The third party inspection will provide your home’s HERS rating
  • The lower the score, the better the energy efficiency of the home

Watch this video to learn more about the HERS Index:

Greater Resale Value

  • Because your home is built differently than other homes it has greater resale value
  • Keep all your inspection records and all pertinent details of how your home is built

Whole House Systems Approach

Building a house with an integrated systems approach requires a lot of attention to detail. Treating the house as a whole integrated system requires proper design, the right materials and proper installation of the materials

At minimum, look for these items in your new home build:


  • Radiant barrier roof decking – reflects 97% of sun’s radiant heat and keeps the attic 30 degrees cooler
  • Another (more expensive) option is spray foam insulation installed under the roof decking

Exterior Walls

  • Some builders use “Advanced Framing” techniques for the exterior walls that use 2 x 6 exterior wall studs rather than the traditional 2 x 4, which allows for more insulation
  • Installation of exterior house wrap that helps prevent moisture and air infiltration in the home


  • Most builders use R-13 fiberglass insulation on exterior framed walls and R-22 on sloped ceilings
  • Another (more expensive) option is spraying foam insulation that makes the home airtight


  • Proper installation of windows with flashing to prevent water intrusion
  • Vinyl windows with 3.5 energy efficiency rating or lower; the lower the rating the greater the energy efficiency of the windows

Heating and Cooling

  • 16 SEER energy saving air conditioning, variable speed
  • Air supply and returns in all bedrooms for better air flow throughout the home
  • Tankless water heater
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Kitchen and bath ventilation vented to the outside to reduce internal moisture

Other Energy Efficient Items

  • Energy Star appliances
  • Water conserving plumbing fixtures and commodes
  • Energy conserving lighting