During spring 2009, my older daughter Gianna expressed to my husband how she yearned to have a closer relationship with me as she felt she had with him. She was eight years old at the time. I had been super busy for the previous several years operating our home building business. The financial crash of 2007-08 hit our household. We closed the company by the end of ’08 after operating it for about 5 years. My husband had closed our mortgage business the year prior. We lost thousands and thousands of dollars we had invested. I was devastated and went through a period of depression and discouragement. Nestor recommended I take some time off to rest. Obviously, after taking some time off, my plans were to go back to work in my previous field of IT. But God had other plans for me.

A few days after Gianna expressed her heart to her dad, she and her sister knelt on the tiled floor of our kitchen and with their little hands in a prayer position begged us if I would homeschool them! They were finishing their school year that spring so their plans were for us to start homeschooling in the fall of 2009. Their desire seemed strange to us but we felt it was from God.

What do you when God calls you to do something… and you’re not really sure, you don’t feel prepared, or you don’t feel “comfortable” in doing it?

We have 2 choices: obey or disobey.

If we obey, we’ll enjoy the beautiful fruits of our labor we don’t fully foresee or understand. If we don’t, well… we all know what happened to Jonah 🙂

My husband, Nestor, and I decided to listen to our daughters’ request. I was a little reluctant but I figure it was a challenge I could complete successfully. We did not plan for how long to do it. The finish line was not set. We decided it was best to take it ONE YEAR at a time. Hence, we jumped on the homeschool train!

Homeschooling turned out to be my private university of personal development as a teacher, entrepreneur and mother!

God used this experience to develop in me multiple skills such as creativity, understanding, listening, knowledge, planning, multitasking, patience, endurance, discernment, prioritizing, devotion and love for family, continued love for learning, healthy cooking, driving instructor, and insight. I had to be creative to teach difficult subjects. I learned to discern that what works for one child does not work for the other.

It was not easy for me. I had a lot of confusion and doubt at the beginning. I was not sure if we were doing the right thing for the benefit of our daughters and for our family’s financial future. We went from a two-income household to one. That was the hardest test for me because I like abundance, and I was used to working very hard to obtain the things I desired for me and my family.

The results? It was not in vain!

Each year I planned their homeschooling experience better and better. As my daughters and I look back at our journey, we see how the Holy Spirit led us each year to use the right program. I had a lot of fun researching and planning their school year for their grade levels. And they were exposed to material that contributed greatly to their personal development in multiple areas of life.

The Lord showed me that we mothers can detect in our children what their calling is and how their personality is wired perfectly to complete their God-given assignment. In my case, God showed me clearly the attributes of my two girls’ personality and how they align perfectly with their divine assignment.  

Gianna – peace and patience. She has a theologian’s mind and is blessed with a photographic memory. I can see how her peacefulness has the power to change any environment she steps into, and her patience will help her help others understand biblical mysteries that relate to the relationship between Israel and the Church. She is enjoying TKU’s Messianic Jewish Studies program and is on target to graduate next year and begin her masters program next fall at only age 19.

Nathalia – love and laughter! I can see how these two attributes will certainly help her help people overcome their pains and emotional hurts, break the shackles of depression and self-doubt, bring out the best in people and pursue the dreams God has placed in their hearts. She began her studies in Biblical Counseling at TKU fall 2019.

Are our girls “perfect” kids? Absolutely not. They’re still growing and learning. Are we “perfect” parents? Not so. We are still learning too.

During this past decade of my life, I not only was a teacher, but I was a student as well.

This Mother’s Day we complete 10 years of homeschooling our daughters. On Friday, May 10, we crossed the finish line. We are excited about the next season in our lives.

I believe God gives us mothers the gift of “insight” or “intuition.”

During this past decade of my life, I not only was a teacher, but I was a student as well.

Mothers have the amazing power to call out the gifts in our children. Mothers are God’s blessing. 

If you study the personality of each of your children, I believe God will give you “insight” as to their God-given assignment, regardless if your still raising them or if they’re married adults out on their own. Their skills, abilities and natural inclinations are a sign that God sent them for a specific purpose to contribute to God’s ultimate plan of giving every person in the world the opportunity to get closer to Him.

God so loved the world that He gave us His most precious gift of eternal life in His son Jesus.

I believe God has found us women worthy of the most incredible job in the world: To shape the hearts of future generations that will carry the torch of life and light in every area of society so that they bring God’s hope and love to a hurting world.